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I know I could probably organize these a little better, but I don’t know how to make headings just yet. So I’ll just list a whole bunch of links I find interesting, and you can comment if you like, should the page be really obnoxious or the links somehow break. Enjoy!

My Twitter page
Here is my Twitter profile, in case you haven’t found it elsewhere.

Shameless plug here, sorry. I’m justifying it by saying that it was one of my first tests to make sure things were working properly. Anyway, it’s where you can go to hear what things I’ve recorded on the odd occasion. These aren’t performances, but arrangements of pieces I’ve put together. All are done using my little home studio setup, my flute, and my voice.

A highly acclaimed flute company. They made the headjoint on which I currently play. Their customer service is awesome and they are very personable people to work with. Their work is high quality, which means it lasts for a long, long time, and it is a dream to play on one of their instruments. Definitely a go-to if you’re looking for a high quality professional instrument.

A flute company no less acclaimed than Nagahara. They made the flute on which I currently play. I would not be where I am without my Miyazawa!

I currently don’t play any Trevor James instruments, but I’ve tried a few out, and would recommend them especially for people looking for quality on a budget. Their altos are great for those seeking an alto but don’t want a high price point or don’t want to use it as your primary instrument.

Of course, I can’t forget the website of one of my greatest mentors and favorite personalities. Sir James is a world renowned flutist most noted for his excellent technique and passion for flute mastery. He helped to change my life in 2010 and gifted me the headjoint mentioned above. You will find lots of good resources there including information on his international flute masterclass, which takes place every year in Switzerland during the summer.

This website is home to the Associated Chamber Music Players, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting new and aspiring chamber groups and artists. It is a simple way to help other musicians find groups in which to play, and it even offers grants to assist with performances opportunities, if I’ve read things right. It is just beginning to venture more into the social network scene, and I feel more people need to know about this excellent resource.

As a lover and player of traditional Irish music, I prefer to use this site as a way to learn new Irish tunes. Apart from a large database of tunes which you can learn via either the sheet music or Midi file, there are forrums which have loads of information and discussion about anything and everything related to Irish trad. Many people use it to schedule sessions, as well. For me, it’s yet another excellent go-to resource.

Finally, you might be thinking, a nonmusical link! GraphicAudio is a company that sells audio dramas, one of my favorites to listen to during those hours in which I want to escape the world for a time. They’re a movie in your mind!

Scentsy is a company that sells several home and personal care products. Their primary specialty is fragrances which are stored in cubes of wax that are melted in specialized warmers at low wattage and safe temperatures. Once melted, the wax releases its scent and the whole room smells great. My first go-to for awesome fragrances for my house. She’s one of those people who really takes care of her customers.

This website is my go-to for things like rice crackers. I’m a huge nut (no pun intended) for rice crackers and high quality chocolate. These guys are personable and have an excellent selection of treats ranging from common to uncommon. Healthy dried fruit, beef jerky, excellent fudge, novelty candy… I couldn’t resist once I found it. These guys are definitely a keeper! Oh, and did I mention they have coffee and tea? *grins*

This website is a must have for if you’re looking to hire people for an event. Musicians, photographers, and probably a whole lot of other folks I didn’t mention, as well. I’m currently not a member with these guys, but that doesn’t mean I think their party is terrible! I’ll eventually get off my duff and sign up.

This space will be updated over time, so check back often for more great places to go!

Your thoughts?

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