I’m Alive… Really!

So, it’s been far too long since I’ve written last. Somehow time got away
from me without my realizing it. I could pretend it hasn’t really been 2
years, but what would be the point in that? Now, I’m done thinking about

So, a lot of things have happened to me over the past 2 years. Most of them
have been little personal milestones regarding confidence and independence,
but a few have been really quite large milestones. Well, actually, I’m not
sure you’d technically call all the big events “milestones”, but hey.

So, the first big thing is that I have been studying medical transcription.
I am taking a self-paced course online through an individual who is
qualified through AHDI (The Association for Healthcare Documentation
Integrity) to teach their curriculum, which is what is taught by many
schools, such as Career Step and the Andrews School of Medical
Transcription. Why take from some random person rather than an accredited
school, you ask? The answer is quite simple: because this particular course
is completely accessible. I don’t have to worry about navigating through
software that is not screenreader friendly, and as a result, I don’t have to
ask my parents or another sighted individual for help through the course. My
goal, when choosing this course, was to study as independently as possible,
without having to rely on other sighted people to help me read through
complicated terminology, mess with software they are not familiar with, etc.
Kathy, my instructor, is also blind, thus assuring the accessibility of the
course. I have less to worry about, and don’t have to rely on others to help
me through software issues. I can study, complete assignments, take notes,
receive corrections, and communicate with the instructor without having to
rely on anyone else.

The next big thing is that I have made a goal for myself to move out into my
own place by age 30. Granted, if I am going to get a stable job as an MT
(medical transcriptionist), that will take some time because I have to
finish the course. While a certification is not absolutely necessary to get
started, I hope to be able to manage that once I have finished the course.
I’ve been taking it for nearly a year now, since June of 2014, and hope to
be finished by next year, give or take a couple months. Ideally, I would
like to work a year at whatever job I get, just to make sure I am stable.
That will be pushing things a bit in terms of the “be out by 30” thing, but
I figured that particular goal was a good starting point. If that doesn’t
work out, it won’t hurt for me to be off by another year, maybe 2.

Anyway, this goal has sparked an interest in gaining yet more independence.
I’ve been doing more things that most people my age should do-buying my own
food, cooking most of my meals, managing personal expenses, etc. That
reminds me. I’ll need to tell you a story after I finish telling you about
this last big event.

So, 4 months ago, my little brother, Nicolai, was born. It has
been quite an adjustment getting used to another little person in the house,
albeit a pleasant one. I honestly don’t have the words to properly describe
just how beautiful it has been for me. The best I can do is give you little
stories. Well, I guess that gives me more things to blog about, huh?

Speaking of stories, I got to dance with Nicolai for the first time last
May. That was something, I can tell you that. Nothing feels more amazing to
me than knowing I can now handle a baby without feeling like I’m going to
break him. haha!

Well, hopefully it won’t be another 2 years before my next post! I keep
thinking to myself that I don’t have much to blog about, other than books
and stupid little things like a game or something I found interesting out of
nowhere, but maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and see how people react. Who
says my blog has to be uplifting every time? Who says it has to be some kind
of marker for huge leaps of progress? Whatever the case, I’ll probably write
again at some point in the future!