The other Side of my Spectrum

Dear Readers,

I think I am going to take a slight “detour” from my usual routine of musing on something until I come up with a positive and uplifting message. While I find it fitting to try to leave a positive message in every post, I’m not sure the subject matter of this particular entry will easily come to the kind of conclusion I normally give. So, here goes.

I’d had a fairly routine day yesterday. Things went slightly “unexpectedly” when I came home to find my sister had come to say hello. I was pleasantly surprised, and that was all well and good. I was tired, but felt I’d accomplished a fair bit. Yes, it had been a routine, but very good Friday.

I think I ended up falling asleep around eleven in the evening. I wasn’t overly tired, but I knew I’d sleep well. I was happy to be entering my second most favorite sanctuary: The Land of Dreams–where anything is possible. Hmm, sounds like an advertisement… how cool is that?

Anyway, the next thing I remember is that I find myself in my bedroom, reading a book of some sort. Slight variations in the scenery tells my subconscious that this is a dream. Oddly enough, that impression always appears at the beginning of my “adventures” in this awesome place, and at the very end, just before I wake up. It doesn’t last very long, either. Not that it matters really, I just think it’s interesting. I’m digressing, though.

So here I am, in my bedroom, reading a book. I’m on the floor, the book in front of me, like I used to do when I was younger. Don’t know why that sticks in my memory, but there it is. Next thing I know, I hear the front door open. Da’s voice drifts in through my closed bedroom door, and I can tell he’s in a really great mood. I also can somehow tell that he’s brought somebody with him. My initial thought, of course, is to go “who on earth…?”

I hear Da laugh at something as he closes the door. He’s telling one of his familiar stories. Then, I hear another voice–no, a laugh. I recognize the voice immediately. Slightly raspy, a few grains of sand scattered about what would normally be a smooth tone, the register of speech resting in between high baritone and medium tenor. The timbre brings back memories of when I was a kid, when Da and I would be driving somewhere… he’d always listen to music. It only takes a second for me to recognize who Da has brought with him into our house.

“Steven Tyler?” I ask myself in a whisper. The logical part of my mind is asking how on earth this could be, and alternating between being excited and nervous at the fact that there’s a celebrity in my house. MY house of all places. The back of my mind, for some really strange reason, is saying “Oh yeah, we’ve known him for years. Steven Tyler’s been a good friend of the family for ages.” There’s some part of me that’s asking “Why this guy? I don’t listen very much to Aerosmith anymore…”

That’s one thing about my dreams. I’m not sure how common this is with most people, but a lot of the time my mind will somehow still think like I would in real life, but at the same time, I’ll feel like the dream is where the logic is supposed to be. There’s a kind of transition that usually takes place, and I have to kind of cross this line from the logical waking world into the “illogical” dream world. Again, this is probably common, but I just find it interesting to try to describe. I’ve never attempted to put this kind of thing into words before.

Oh, for those of you that don’t know Steven Tyler is best known for being the lead singer of the musical group called Aerosmith. You can look it up if you really feel like it. I’m not feeling like I want to deal with the oddities of putting in links to a Wikipedia article. I’ll make it up to you later. Haha.

At any rate, so here it is that Steven Tyler’s in my house. I don’t think I ever fully crossed the “transition” because for the entirety of the dream, I felt as I normally would feel around a celebrity, while everybody else in my family was treating him just as if they’d known him for years. I wish I could remember all the details, but sadly I am unable to. I can give a few highlights though, which I found somewhat amusing.

There was one point where I thought about tweeting the fact that Steven Tyler was “in league” with our family. I wanted to show off a bit, I guess. I wanted to tell people that I knew Steven Tyler and that he was actually in my house having fun with the family. So I got out the laptop and tweeted that Steven Tyler was currently in my house chatting to Da about one of his tunes. I remember thinking this was funny when I woke up, because that’s just something I would do. I’d tweet if I were in that situation because I’d be dying to share (and yes I suppose show off a bit) LOL.

So anyway, I tweeted about this whole thing and people started sending me mentions, asking for proof. I remember feeling kind of mad. My thought processes went along the lines of “You want proof? Well… I’ll show you proof… you big jerks.” Imagine me trying to be all huffy about it and you get the picture, I think. LOL

So people start asking for proof, and I remember that I have my Olympus digital recorder (my camera) close by. So I figured I’d record him and Dad talking. Or better yet, I’ll record him and me talking. So I go out of my bedroom and ask Steven Tyler if he’d be willing to let me record him talking so I can post it on Twitter. He consents and Da asks me why I’m so excited, asking “Don’t you remember, we’ve known him for years” etc etc etc.

The subject kind of gets skimmed over somehow–a dream skip I guess. LOL and the next thing I know is that one of my sisters comes in and asks Steven, “Hey Steven, wanna come help me buy my tree frogs?”

The dream had to be a jerk and end there, but I woke up thinking how on earth did that all happen? It was one of those really ridiculous things that makes absolutely no sense, and yet at the same time, it says, “This could happen…” What with Steven Tyler being alive, I mean really–he’s friends with people. The dream was kinda putting our family in his friends’ shoes, or something. LOL I told you this was going to be a ridiculous post!

Honestly, I haven’t had one of those absolutely outlandish dreams in a long, long time. Most of my dreams end up completely fantasy related, or literature related. The things in the dream make sense and it all is in context with itself, like one would read a fantasy or science fiction novel. It’s all in one neat little package and world’s don’t collide unless the system of magic allows it. Hard to explain, but there you have it.

Speaking of reading novels, I have to tell you a somewhat funny story. I was listening to an audio drama called “The Clone Republic.” There was quite a loud action scene going on, filled with guns and combat and bombs and things. Well, during this scene, I suddenly started feeling vibrations in my feet, as if I were amidst all the chaos! For a second, I felt as if I were in two places at once. Part of me was with the characters of the story, while the other part was being abruptly brought back to reality by sheer bafflement.

I couldn’t hear anything else going on around me because I was, as I do most of the time, wearing headphones. I had the drama up pretty loud and the outside world was completely gone from my range of hearing. You can imagine how weird it was to suddenly start feeling vibrations in my feet during these combat scenes. My initial thought was “Holy crap, am I really listening to this THAT loud?”

I of course found out after a few minutes that the vibrations were coming from downstairs, where Da was doing stuff with a flight simulator. That experience got me thinking, though. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could listen to things on headphones but be able to feel what we were listening to, as if we were hearing it through really big speakers? Of course, I’m not sure how that would work. I just think the prospect is interesting. I also think really high tech virtual reality is interesting, too, but I doubt I’ll ever see that in my lifetime. However, I have wondered if the kind of virtual reality that one reads about in books–the kind with the high tech suits which perfectly emulate tactile sensation–will come to fruition at some point. As quickly as technology seems to be moving, one can’t help but wonder just how close it will get to the science fiction books.

With that said, I think I’m going to close here for the time being. I’ve put quite a lot of words out this time, and I believe the eyes can only handle so much writing at one time. The ears might be another matter for those of you reading with screen readers, the fingers still another for those using Braille displays. My point is that I think I am going to close and save the rest of my words for later posts. Enjoy that little bit of a look into the more odd colors of my spectrum, and I will write you again at some point!

Most Sincerely,


Recent Reflections

Dear Readers,

First off, I’d like to let you know that I am indeed still alive. Secondly, I’d like to thank you for waiting out my silences. Now, on to the important(?) stuff!

These ramblings have been in the making for quite a while. It seems, however, that some kind of inspiration needs to hit me before I can break whatever barriers that are preventing me from writing. Today’s inspiration, as seems to be the norm for me in general, is music. I didn’t place this post in “Musical Musings” for nothing, you know.

My most recent inspiration is called “Steel Life.” I still haven’t gotten the full affect of decently-described visuals, but from what I can gather, it takes abstract filming and uses ideas taken from nature in order to portray a theme of rebirth and genesis. You can find it here.

I only heard it a couple of hours ago, after seeing the post appear in one of my Twitter timelines. I had to replay the video (originally posted to YouTube) three times before I decided to go “composer hunting.” The link above is to the original video rather than the YouTube link, as the music is better quality.

At any rate, this piece, before I’d read up on the original idea, was something that hit me right off the bat. I immediately wanted to rush out of the room and go tell my immediate family just how lucky I was to have them. As the piece progressed I found myself wanting to reach out and embrace close friends as well. It, like so many other things as of late, insisted on making me think of all the good things I happen to have, all the good people I happen to know, and the intriguing possibilities that life could offer me.

I could leave this post at that, but you know me… I have to talk and elaborate a bit on why I ended up with that kind of a summary. So, here goes!

For the rebirth side of things, the past year has been filled with new changes. Da ended up getting sick which changed his life (and mine as a result, which was huge), in March I managed to land a job at a local studio (also huge because I was sitting on my butt not doing much of anything LOL), and in May, my grandfather passed away and rekindled something that I still can’t find the words for.

Not to say that Grandpa’s passing was something to celebrate–indeed it wasn’t. I still have pangs of sorrow every now and then; but it was the way the funeral got taken care of, the way the funeral was carried out… the simplicity of getting together with the family. It pulled us together and brought us closer.

The entire picture is difficult to put into words… it’s the small things which have, for me, been most effected. But it’s all those small things which enhance the entire weave of life’s events. I think today’s inspirational piece helps to portray the kind of emotion and change that has happened to me and my family over the past year. The best thing to understand would, I think, be to watch the video yourself.

On another note, I’ve finally gotten my own domain name! One of my good friends has been working like mad to help me get it set up. Where you’ve gone to read this newest post is of course where the new website is. I’m quite excited about it, actually. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it expires next year, though. I’ve been really keen on getting a bobbiinabox com domain, but I like the one I’m currently using. It’s kind of overwhelming with the amount of options that are available to me, and yet I really like the idea of having multiple options. I might have to think about it for ages before I actually make a decision, but still… somehow it just feels safer.

The medium in which I’m writing this to you is pretty interesting, too. I’m actually writing this in an Email rather than in a Microsoft Word document as before. This particular method may have been around for ages but I’ve only just discovered it and so, here I am thinking it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. This way is a lot nicer, I must admit. I had to do loads of editing on my other posts because Microsoft Word would sometimes reformat things differently than how I wanted them, or the website would go and take away my nice double spaces, and I’d be enough of a perfectionist to have to go in and fix them. LOL

Hmm, I think this post has been more rambly than musing. I’ll probably start updating a bit more, though, with smaller things, for fun. I seem to only write when really big things have been going on. The friend who has so generously assisted me with this current website actually suggested I try writing about the so-called “less important” things… at least I’d be getting more updates out, right?

Hey, maybe I’ll start writing about some of the dreams I have. Most are book worthy, in my opinion. I only wish I could remember all the details like I used to when I was a kid. Unfortunately, though, that’s not the case. Of course, even if I could remember them, my writing skills aren’t exactly book worthy… so writing books about dreams is probably not going to be the best idea for me at this point. Haha.

Anyway, I think I should probably close now. I ended up having to break in the middle of this to go eat food, and time refuses to slow down for me. I’m probably going to end up regretting the fact that I stayed up past my usual sleeping window. I’ve got half a day of work tomorrow, which is good (minus the fact that the “inactive portion will be spent at the dentist’s.) Oh well, I’ll survive. Come the weekend, we’re going camping for the first time this year.

I think we ended up going a total of five times last year… I don’t remember. I may’ve mentioned some of the times in previous posts, but I don’t remember that either. Seems like my memory is deciding to slowly drain out of my ear. Either that, or somebody is sneaking extra portions when I’m not looking. LOL

Okay, now it’s really time to close. For those who made it this far, congratulations. For those who want to continue reading, double congratulations. You’ll just have to wait till my next post. For everybody else, well… I won’t worry about that bit. I’m too tired to think of something intelligent.

So, with all these new changes in mind, I’d like to leave you with my best wishes along with today’s message: from the ashes of life, the phoenix is reborn. Take care, and thanks for reading!

Most Sincerely,