Why I Chose Scentsy

It seems, constant readers, that I have been somewhat negligent in providing a lot of updates. I suppose, though, that this should be nothing new to you, considering that you probably already know my writing habits by now. Write few posts with lots and lots and lots of words. It all balances out in the end, wouldn’t you think?

Anyway, my most recent interest happens to fall under the category of simple pleasures. It’s not exactly what most would consider a “practical” thing (or perhaps the best word would be necessary), but it is something which could provide a nice bit of comfort of luxury to your life which you may not otherwise have at present.

Ever since I can remember, I have always made it a point to fit more closely into the sighted society. I was taught to and insist on using sighted language (watch TV rather than listen to TV, look at an object instead of feel it, etc.) I make it a point to use “sighted” gestures such as pointing at things, or looking in someone’s direction when I speak to them. Just as importantly, I make it an attempt to have my own aesthetic preferences. My favorite color is blue, for example. I haven’t seen it, but I have particular associations with that color that make it something with which I can relate and make a part of my personality.

While I am no expert at interior decorating, I certainly am not going to live in a space that is devoid of color or emotion or personality. My not being able to see does not make me incapable of having visual preferences. I’m not going to go around wearing mismatched clothes and decorate my room with outrageously boring or equally mismatched color schemes, either. I have a mirror in my bedroom just like any other person who chooses to be conscious about how well they look. I have aesthetically pleasing things which do nothing but provide a little bit of my personality out into the visual world so that if anyone sees my bedroom, they see a little bit of me, as well as experience my personality from the in-person standpoint. The point is that anyone with personal taste knows that a living space is always going to be more comfortable to live in with a touch of you, and that means decorations and things that provide a familiar, homey ambiance.

Many people may not realize this, but there is more than just the visual side of things when it comes to your living space, whether it is your mom’s basement, a room in a college dorm, or the house that you’ve bought and paid for. Home wouldn’t be home if you simply covered the walls with pictures of the things you loved best. You’d see the bed you used to know and think of how it felt to sleep there—soft silken pillows and puffy quilts—or the coffee pot, the clock, the fridge, the television—pictures can’t provide the comforting symphony of sound that one hears even in the quietest of homes. What would the classic picture of Grandma baking cookies be like if we only had the memory of the smell that baking left in the house for days on end?

I feel that fragrance is just as important as any visual scheme. And like the visual scheme, it should match your personality. If it doesn’t match your personality, it should at least make a statement about the things you enjoy, which is a rather big part of people’s interests when they are getting to know you. The sense of smell is very closely linked to memory. We are often times more affected by a particular smell than we are at looking at a picture of a familiar face. It all of course depends on how closely you associate with these things, but the point is still valid. Not only that, but it provides an instantaneous bit of information about your living space to those who enter. It really can enhance things in many ways.

Seeing as I am very fond of fragrance—both in skin and home-scent products—I have been looking for a cost effective way to scent my living space and provide just that last touch of personality. I tried different room sprays which sometimes left residue or simply didn’t last very long. I tried body sprays and hoped they’d scent up the room as well as my skin, but again I ran into the fragrances fading fairly quickly. Then I thought of scented candles. I personally don’t like lighting things on fire, and so I got buy with having somebody light them for me. It’s the same for when I choose to burn incense. As a result, I don’t light incense very much. I did, however, find a candle warmer on which I could put large jar candles.

There are drawbacks to warming candles, though. Lighting them results in having to maintain them. One has to take care to trim the wicks and be extremely cautious so as to avoid setting things on fire. Not to mention that you need to blow them out if leaving them unattended. If you have a really crappy memory or get distracted easily (sadly I have a bit of both these problems (haha), you will most surely end up with a problem on your hands—or at the very least, a candle that has burned down far too early for your liking.

Warming candles, while safer, isn’t quite as good as I thought it would be. The warmer I was using only allowed me to warm jar candles, which in some ways limited my options. Plus, jar candles can add up financially if you end up buying a lot. I personally made them last a long time, but my problem was that I’d forget about them and when the scent was diminished from the wax, my room would smell like hot wax due to how hot the warmer had to be in order to fully melt the candle.

So, to avoid the annoyance of candles and incense, I looked around for an alternative. I enjoyed the fact that I could get a lot of fragrance from candles, but I didn’t want to have to deal with the things mentioned above. Plus, a candle sitting on a hot plate doesn’t exactly provide the romantic ambiance I would like to enjoy from lighting the candles. I needed to find something cost affective, high quality, long lasting, and pleasing to the eye. I’d practically given up and was going to resign to warming candles when…

In came Scentsy.

You can find more about the company story right here, but the basic summary is that Scentsy is a company that sells flameless and wickless candles, otherwise known most commonly as wax “melts” or “tarts.” Specially-designed decorative warmers melt the wax from the heat of a twenty-five-watt light bulb. One bar is divided into eight cubes, which you can break off and put in the dish of your Scentsy warmer to melt. Apart from releasing the fragrances of your choice through heat, the warmer also provides a decorative touch to the room, and some cast light designs, depending on how the warmers are vented. You can find Scentsy’s complete selection of products here.

I was really skeptical at first, because I was afraid the bars would only last me a week in total. I’ve found that one cube will scent my room completely and last for three days before I have to switch it out. Since each bar holds eight cubes, one bar will last me a month. The advertised warming time is anywhere from four to ten hours, if I remember correctly. You can find that info on their FAQ page. This depends on several factors. Humidity, how open the space is, how large it is, whether or not you have carpet or wood floors, and how long you leave your warmer on. I leave mine on twenty-four-seven and still get three days’ worth of fragrance from one cube.

One of the best things about Scentsy is the fact that they are very safe. No worrying about fires, and the warmers don’t get hot enough to burn you. Other brands that make similar products use wax that requires a higher melting temperature to completely melt their wax, which results in very hot warmers and often times hotter wax that can be a hazard to children, pets, and yourself. My fingers are very sensitive to my environment, and as a result, I have a very low pain tolerance in my hands. I have found that when completely melted, the wax still does not burn my fingers. I can pick up the warmer dish to change out the wax and it is only warm to the touch. Plus, the wax is easy to get out of carpet should it spill. You can find more information about that on the Scentsy website.

Not only does Scentsy offer melts and warmers, they also offer room sprays, hand sanitizer, travel tins, and Scent packs. Starting March first, they will be offering other products such as scented skin products and even products to provide your favorite Scentsy fragrance to your laundry! Their catalogs are seasonal and there are a lot of fragrances that get switched out with the seasons, but there is a “Favorites” section for scents that stay around all year. Plus, every January, they have a program called “bring back my bar” which is where they bring back twenty fragrances that have been permanently discontinued for the month, fragrances which are voted on by Scentsy customers and consultants.

As a bonus, you can host parties and receive free and half-priced products, and if you are really making good sales and feel you could use the extra money, you can become a consultant yourself and sell Scentsy products. I personally haven’t done either of these yet, but I will most likely try out the whole “hosting a party” thing to see if it works out. If you end up getting addicted, prices can add up, and so hosting parties will help with such things.

Anyway, this post isn’t as articulate as previous posts, but I was trying to get a lot of information in at once, and I didn’t want to make it sound like I was giving an infomercial. That would’ve been obnoxious, not to mention incredibly boring.

Anyway, watch this space for updates! I’ll probably create a page that is related to Scentsy related things, but for now, I’ll create a category so you can find Scentsy related posts in the future. Who knows, maybe I’ll host a Scentsy party for a birthday celebration. The idea is rather intriguing, I think.

Well, I shall close here. I have things I want to read, and I am running out of things to say. I am beginning to think I am sounding more and more like a little kid. I also have a feeling that my brain has gone and fallen out of my ear at some point because of all the things I’ve been thinking about trying, so I am going to stop writing now and hope you enjoyed this post despite its flaws.