Recent Reflections

Dear Readers,

First off, I’d like to let you know that I am indeed still alive. Secondly, I’d like to thank you for waiting out my silences. Now, on to the important(?) stuff!

These ramblings have been in the making for quite a while. It seems, however, that some kind of inspiration needs to hit me before I can break whatever barriers that are preventing me from writing. Today’s inspiration, as seems to be the norm for me in general, is music. I didn’t place this post in “Musical Musings” for nothing, you know.

My most recent inspiration is called “Steel Life.” I still haven’t gotten the full affect of decently-described visuals, but from what I can gather, it takes abstract filming and uses ideas taken from nature in order to portray a theme of rebirth and genesis. You can find it here.

I only heard it a couple of hours ago, after seeing the post appear in one of my Twitter timelines. I had to replay the video (originally posted to YouTube) three times before I decided to go “composer hunting.” The link above is to the original video rather than the YouTube link, as the music is better quality.

At any rate, this piece, before I’d read up on the original idea, was something that hit me right off the bat. I immediately wanted to rush out of the room and go tell my immediate family just how lucky I was to have them. As the piece progressed I found myself wanting to reach out and embrace close friends as well. It, like so many other things as of late, insisted on making me think of all the good things I happen to have, all the good people I happen to know, and the intriguing possibilities that life could offer me.

I could leave this post at that, but you know me… I have to talk and elaborate a bit on why I ended up with that kind of a summary. So, here goes!

For the rebirth side of things, the past year has been filled with new changes. Da ended up getting sick which changed his life (and mine as a result, which was huge), in March I managed to land a job at a local studio (also huge because I was sitting on my butt not doing much of anything LOL), and in May, my grandfather passed away and rekindled something that I still can’t find the words for.

Not to say that Grandpa’s passing was something to celebrate–indeed it wasn’t. I still have pangs of sorrow every now and then; but it was the way the funeral got taken care of, the way the funeral was carried out… the simplicity of getting together with the family. It pulled us together and brought us closer.

The entire picture is difficult to put into words… it’s the small things which have, for me, been most effected. But it’s all those small things which enhance the entire weave of life’s events. I think today’s inspirational piece helps to portray the kind of emotion and change that has happened to me and my family over the past year. The best thing to understand would, I think, be to watch the video yourself.

On another note, I’ve finally gotten my own domain name! One of my good friends has been working like mad to help me get it set up. Where you’ve gone to read this newest post is of course where the new website is. I’m quite excited about it, actually. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it expires next year, though. I’ve been really keen on getting a bobbiinabox com domain, but I like the one I’m currently using. It’s kind of overwhelming with the amount of options that are available to me, and yet I really like the idea of having multiple options. I might have to think about it for ages before I actually make a decision, but still… somehow it just feels safer.

The medium in which I’m writing this to you is pretty interesting, too. I’m actually writing this in an Email rather than in a Microsoft Word document as before. This particular method may have been around for ages but I’ve only just discovered it and so, here I am thinking it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. This way is a lot nicer, I must admit. I had to do loads of editing on my other posts because Microsoft Word would sometimes reformat things differently than how I wanted them, or the website would go and take away my nice double spaces, and I’d be enough of a perfectionist to have to go in and fix them. LOL

Hmm, I think this post has been more rambly than musing. I’ll probably start updating a bit more, though, with smaller things, for fun. I seem to only write when really big things have been going on. The friend who has so generously assisted me with this current website actually suggested I try writing about the so-called “less important” things… at least I’d be getting more updates out, right?

Hey, maybe I’ll start writing about some of the dreams I have. Most are book worthy, in my opinion. I only wish I could remember all the details like I used to when I was a kid. Unfortunately, though, that’s not the case. Of course, even if I could remember them, my writing skills aren’t exactly book worthy… so writing books about dreams is probably not going to be the best idea for me at this point. Haha.

Anyway, I think I should probably close now. I ended up having to break in the middle of this to go eat food, and time refuses to slow down for me. I’m probably going to end up regretting the fact that I stayed up past my usual sleeping window. I’ve got half a day of work tomorrow, which is good (minus the fact that the “inactive portion will be spent at the dentist’s.) Oh well, I’ll survive. Come the weekend, we’re going camping for the first time this year.

I think we ended up going a total of five times last year… I don’t remember. I may’ve mentioned some of the times in previous posts, but I don’t remember that either. Seems like my memory is deciding to slowly drain out of my ear. Either that, or somebody is sneaking extra portions when I’m not looking. LOL

Okay, now it’s really time to close. For those who made it this far, congratulations. For those who want to continue reading, double congratulations. You’ll just have to wait till my next post. For everybody else, well… I won’t worry about that bit. I’m too tired to think of something intelligent.

So, with all these new changes in mind, I’d like to leave you with my best wishes along with today’s message: from the ashes of life, the phoenix is reborn. Take care, and thanks for reading!

Most Sincerely,


2 thoughts on “Recent Reflections”

  1. Good post, Bobbi. I am even managing to understand it and follow its flow (that sounds horribly reggae if you ask me). Sadly I fear your double spaces got snooped. And so, come to think of it, will mine in this comment. 🙁
    Anyway, beautiful stuff, I hope you’ll keep it up, and I hope this actually reaches you. I’m a bit of a noob where the Internet is concerned.

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